How your study works

Learn how your study works

Your courses are carefully designed to help you learn effectively online

All of your study is done via a system called Moodle, and each of your courses has its own Moodle site. The Moodle site is where you find the course’s objectives, content, activities, and assessment tasks. It is also where you interact with your lecturers and fellow students, via announcements and discussion forums. Courses are typically structured into modules, which you work your way through according to a clearly defined schedule. The Moodle site is also where you submit your work, and receive feedback and results.

Each course has an orientation - usually the week before the course begins proper. There might be activities for you to do in that week. But even if not it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself thoroughly with the course and its Moodle site during that week, so that you are fully prepared when the course begins.